Our Social Project: NEW HORIZONS 

Our goal 


We want to help and support entrepreneurs and founders to find new prospects for their business in Switzerland and in Europe after a crisis situation in their homelands. 


We want to open doors for entrepreneurs and founders to new possibilities to grow their business and be successful. 


We want to build a bridge between a difficult past without economic possibilities and a future with new opportunities.


Our way

  1. We analyze the product, the enterprise and the possibilities for success in Switzerland.
  2. We offer translations in German, French and Italian for a perfect communication in Switzerland.
  3. We proofread, write and adapt contracts, general terms and conditions to Swiss rules and regulations.
  4. We find ways for the distribution of and buyers for their products    


How it works


  1. Interested startups and enterprises can contact us and present their products to us.
  2. We check the possibilities for the Swiss market.
  3. We prepare all that is needed for the expansion (translations, legal documents, marketing activities and channels of distribution)
  4. We build channels of distribution, we help to sell the product and offer continuous support.
  5. They find new ways to grow and to reinvest in their enterprise in their respective homeland.
  6. We only draw a commission in the case of success.