Our Objective 

We offer interdisciplinary and custom-made solutions for the interregionalisation of your business.

Our Path 

We combine strength and competencies by bringing together things that have never been together before.



Enzo Schrembs 



As a business law jurist ZFH I specialised in company law. My passion for languages and communication encouraged me to offer professional translations before I started my studies.


Since 2011 I have also been serving as a substitute judge at the District Court of Kreuzlingen TG.


These experiences showed me how important it is to count on experts in the development of interdisciplinary solutions and strategies.


I provide assistance to the Junge Wirtschaftskammer Untersee Kreuzlingen (JCI, Junior Chamber International) as President. 

The Team

To make sure that you always get the best solutions for your requirements, we work with an international network of experts. We have translators, legal experts (Swiss and international commercial law), trustees and marketing experts in our team.


We choose and select our specialists for each project. In this way we ensure that you only get the best from us.