Multilingual communication is indispensable to be successful in a region or across borders.


It is not sufficient for translations to be linguistically and technically correct. It is also important that your communication is adapted to the target market and your corporate identity.


ESTRA is the in-house translation service of Schrembs Solutions and consists of a team of technical specialists, covering more than 20 language combinations (among others Italian, German, English, French, Spanish) in top quality.


Moreover, the translated texts run through two independent quality controls (terminological and editorial control) and are adjusted terminologically to the target market and to your communications style. This always guarantees the best quality.


We also compile and maintain an individual terminological, multi-lingual database for you. Thereby we can always guarantee a uniform and consistent communication.


We have long-term experience in various subjects, such as heating and cooling technology, fashion, art, tourism, real estate, law, banking, finances, energy, environment and biotech.


Thanks to our network of legal and marketing experts we can also ensure that the translations are legally, culturally and socially correct.