The Strategy 

Whether regional, interregional or international, we always have the right solution for you to develop and expand your business.


Our concept is divided into three main areas:


◦   Analysis: market and company analysis, assessment of the legal framework

◦   Planning: adaptation and optimisation of contracts, translation of corporate communications and planning of marketing activities

◦   Execution: implementation of the marketing and sales activities, set-up and maintenance of the sales channels, monitoring of the activities


This has an interdisciplinary structure and will be planned and implemented in a customised manner. 


Your Objective:

You want to grow nationally or internationally, consolidate your market position or win new market shares.


Your Questions:

You don’t know exactly the competitive situation in your target market or are unsure how the demand is and whether you can be successful with it?


You have legal questions, but no answers?


You don’t speak the local language?


You don’t know exactly how to establish distribution and marketing locally and what you should pay attention to?


Our Solutions: 

We develop a detailed strategy for you, which matches your business model and target market and support you in the implementation of measures.


Our legal team clarifies all legal matters for you and reviews the compatibility of your contracts with the target market and adapt them, if required. We also support you in the formal establishment of a branch office, as well as in the creation and adaptation of your contracts. Thanks to our internal translation service ESTRA, we also make sure that your contracts are impeccable legally and linguistically.


Your corporate documentation is translated, attuned with your communication culture and adapted to the target market.


We jointly plan the marketing activities and implement them. We particularly pay attention to the cultural and social circumstances of the target market. Moreover we support you in the selection and support of sales partners and sales channels.


We build bridges to help you advance!