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Switzerland Business Location


As a business location, Switzerland is characterised by stable political conditions, an attractive taxation, and a streamlined legal system as well as by innovation, high purchasing power and first-class infrastructure.


In geographical terms, Switzerland is not just a hub for the handling of central European markets. Its various cultures and languages also make Switzerland the ideal starting point for entering the markets in neighbouring countries.


Characteristics of Switzerland


◦   Languages

Switzerland has three official languages (German, Italian and French) and along with Rhaeto-Romanic, four regional languages. Around 65% of the population speaks German as their main language; French is spoken by approximately 23% and Italian by around 8% of the population as their first language.


German, French and Italian used in Switzerland also have their own nuances, words and special features and are found nowhere else. These are called Helvetisms. An additional special feature is also the mix of the languages, particularly prevalent in the vernacular.


◦   Culture 

There exists a common “Swiss” culture, but is very different regionally and is shaped by the neighbouring countries. For this reason culture ought to be looked at on a micro level.


◦   Legal System

Politically, Switzerland is a confederation. Each canton has its own partial autonomy, even in legislation. It is therefore possible that certain areas are not regulated at a cantonal level and thereby not the same throughout Switzerland. The Swiss law is in general very streamlined and business-friendly.


Our Services


Schrembs Solutions is specialised in helping organisations to find the key to new markets. Thanks to our interdisciplinary solutions from the areas of translation, legal advice and marketing, we are the only company in Switzerland capable of getting successful market access for you in all regions of Switzerland.


You will receive a sound market analysis from us. We not only analyse demand, competition and market situation, but we also assess and identify the suitable strategy for your entry in Switzerland. Our legal team analyses the legal framework, the customs regulations and potential regulatory conditions that are crucial for your success in Switzerland.


Our translation service ESTRA can translate your corporate documentation into French, German or Italian and adapt to and localise for the local linguistic conditions. Thanks to the close collaboration with our legal team and marketing experts we can ensure that your communication is legally compliant as well as promotionally targeted.


Our legal team will supports you in the establishment of a subsidiary or a branch office or in purchasing a company in Switzerland. We can adapt your contracts, terms and conditions and other legally relevant texts to Swiss law and optimise them.


Your ad campaign will be developed in line with local social and cultural characteristics. We identify campaigns that make sense for you and how the diverse activities can be used. We accompany the implementation, so that we are able to step in at any time and adapt the measures.


Thanks to our network we can also support you in negotiations with authorities (business development, Immigration Office, commercial register, etc.) as well as in the search for a suitable location.


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